A.B.C.(Already Been Chewed)

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A.B.C. (Already Been Chewed) is a game of gum, revulsion, and intimacy played with a “Gumtroller” - a PS4 controller entirely covered in bubble gum that has been chewed by previous players. The first thing that hits the player as they approach the game is the sickly sweet aroma of pink bubble gum. The player sits and pops a fresh piece of gum in their mouth, chewing it and letting the gum roll around in their mouth and squish between their teeth as they play. Then the player sinks their hands into the slimy sticky surface of the Gumtroller, smooshing their fingers into the gum in order to control the analog stick. By both chewing fresh gum and handling old slimy foreign gum of the Gumtroller, the player is in sync with the subject of the game’s narrative - which is focused on the emblematic act of chewing gum that has already been chewed by your romantic crush. At the completion of the game, the player adds their chewed gum to the Gumtroller.
Each player contributes to the experience of the game for future players. Over the course of an exhibition of the game, the Gumtroller transforms, building and morphing shape with hundreds of pieces of chewed gum until it takes on fleshy mass like something out of eXistenZ or Akira. The Gumtroller is unique to the event and never the same.
A.B.C. began as a prototype in Bennett Foddy’s Prototype class at NYU Game Center for the prompt “A game you’d rather watch than play.” It tends to gather a large crowd of onlookers surrounding the player - usually exclaiming in disgust, cheering the player on, or daring their friends to play. Hand sanitizer is provided for players to disinfect themselves after playing.
Exhibited at IndieCade 2019, Babycastles, Public Beta (UK) and the NYU Game Center Showcase
"It makes my whole body cringe in disgust. It's brilliant."
"I will be haunted by the gum controller for the rest of my life"
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