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These are a few of my favorite music videos I've directed & edited

Music Videos

SIA: Soon We'LL Be Found


American Sign Language, shadow puppetry, blacklight and dance all combine in this music video I directed for Sia.

This remains one of my favorites because of the amazingly talented team that contributed to it: ASL translation by coda comedian Keith wann, Shadow puppetry designed with puppeteer Ken Berman, choreography by alexandria Wailes, and a cast of hearing and deaf performers including Russell Harvard. And of course collaborating with Sia herself.

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We shot this video in New Jersey near where the band was from. The Cast was a mix of their friends, my friends, and friends of friends. It was below freezing but we had a blast. Our second shoot day turned into a blizzard and after the shoot the producer, dp and I had to get the crew van out of an icy ditch.

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Death Cab For Cutie: Stay Young, Go Dancing


one of the fun challenges of this shoot was casting three pairs of actors to play the same characters at four ages.

I have fond memories of this one, because we shot it at an old farmhouse that had been turned into a rustic yoga retreat center in upstate new york, and the whole cast and crew stayed in the farmhouse together overnight. Nothing like ending a long shoot day sharing pasta with everyone!

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